Forbes: Empowering the Firstline Workforce

Forbes: Empowering the Firstline Workforce

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Giving firstline employees the digital tools and platforms they need to serve customers better creates tangible competitive advantages to the overall business. But according to a Forbes survey of more than 300 executives, these workers continue to be overlooked in many organizations.

Download the free Forbes Insights report “Empowering the Firstline Workforce” to learn more. This report explores what executives need to know in terms of technologies and activities to help them elevate the jobs of their firstline workers, address the barriers to doing so, and move their organizations forward. It covers:

  • Detailed results of executive surveys in real companies
  • Why organizations need to focus on people skills first
  • How the right technologies can boost firstline employee skills and engagement
  • Common challenges to digitally empowering firstline worker
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