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Simplify your compliance journey with Compliance Manager

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When it comes to being compliant with various regulations or industrial standards, organizations should consider conducting risk assessments for the cloud services they are using or considering to adopt. These assessments should provide detailed information on the ongoing effectiveness of security, compliance, and privacy controls around the services. And when choosing cloud services, it’s imperative to understand if the service will meet security, compliance, and privacy needs.

Service Trust Portal and Compliance Manager are two cross-Microsoft cloud service solutions designed to help you meet complex compliance obligations when choosing and using Microsoft cloud services. The two tools also help to build connections between Microsoft security and compliance features and the regulatory requirements that matter to your organization.

In this whitepaper, we’ll cover:

  • Data protection compliance challenges in an increasingly cloud-based world
  • The importance of control frameworks to help businesses manage compliance activities more efficiently
  • The concept of shared responsibilities for compliance
  • The key capabilities of Service Trust Portal and Compliance Manager
  • Detailed usage scenarios and how you can use Microsoft’s tools to conduct self-service audits and risk assessments on Microsoft cloud services
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