Transforming education

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Transforming education

Leverage technology for better learning and outcomes

Explore technology solutions that empower your educators and students to develop the modern skills necessary for matriculation and graduating workforce-ready. In this webinar series, you'll learn how institutions are leveraging technologies like the cloud and productivity tools to solve today’s challenges and drive real-time collaboration, personalized learning, and improved student outcomes.

Scenario 1: Harnessing the power of the cloud and data in education (Read more)

Chapter 1 Getting started with the cloud in education
Learn how cloud computing can enhance efficiencies, provide greater flexibility, strengthen security, and help cut costs.
Chapter 2 Enabling student success with cloud computing
Learn how working with cloud-based systems can enable schools and universities to surface new insights, proactively take action, and drive better learning outcomes with an effective data analytics platform.
Chapter 3 Using data in education to improve outcomes
Learn how Tacoma Public Schools leveraged data to achieve their school district's outcome goal and increased graduation rates from 55% to 82.5%.
Chapter 4 Accelerate academic research with cloud computing
Learn how Microsoft Azure brings unlimited possibilities to scientific discovery for affordable, data-intensive computing, as well as data storage and sharing.

Scenario 2: Collaboration and productivity for teaching and learning (Read more)

Chapter 1 The ultimate digital notebook for your school
Learn how OneNote Class Notebook can help your institution save time, be more organized, and collaborate more effectively.
Chapter 2 Maximizing education benefits in Windows 10
Learn how the Windows 10 Anniversary Update empowers teachers to do even more of what they love—teaching—while equipping students to do more with affordable devices.
Chapter 3 Harnessing modern voice technology in your institution
Learn how to help improve real-time communications in your institution through new features offered in Office 365.
Chapter 4 Professional development and collaboration made easy
Learn how you can leverage the new Office 365 professional learning communities for peer-to-peer collaboration, a key pillar for continued development, opening up opportunities for others to learn.

Scenario 3: Protecting and securing your institution (Read more)

Chapter 1 Managing secure data and devices in education
Learn how other schools and universities are using Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to deliver security at the identity, device, app, and data-level to keep students and staff safe and productive.
Chapter 2 Help protect and secure your school's data with Office 365
Learn how you can collaborate with colleagues and stay up to date on industry compliance standards, all while keeping your data more secure.