Create immersive and inclusive learning experiences

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Create immersive and inclusive learning experiences

At Microsoft, creating immersive and inclusive learning experiences that inspire lifelong learning is core to our mission

For students, these experiences stimulate the development of essential life skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. In today’s digital world, we're empowering educators to create environments in and out of the classroom that guide and nurture student passions and enable students to achieve beyond their greatest imaginations regardless of learning abilities—making, designing, inventing, and building the future.

In this webinar series, you’ll learn practical ways in which you can use technology to empower your staff and students to do remarkable things.

Scenario 1: Engage students and drive learning with technology (Read more)

Chapter 1 Ensure accessible learning for all students with Office 365 Education
Learn about the key accessibility capabilities that are built into Office 365 Education to create a more inclusive digital environment.
Chapter 2 Inspire the classroom
Learn how to empower your educators with the right tools to delight and engage their students beyond the basics using OneNote Class Notebook.
Chapter 3 Bring the world to your students
Learn how to open your students' horizons through expanded learning opportunities offered through Skype in the Classroom.

Scenario 2: Empower educators with technology (Read more)

Chapter 1 Work smarter with Office 365 Education
Learn how to empower your faculty and staff with the technology they need and learn how to use Office 365 to drive learning outcomes.
Chapter 2 Work on the go
Learn how you can help your staff make every minute count and work from anywhere, on any device, with OneDrive and OneNote.
Chapter 3 Professional development made easy
Learn how to help your educators stay ahead of the curve with the new Office 365 Professional Learning Community groups.
Chapter 4 Quickly find documents and resources in Office 365
Learn how to work more efficiently and find the resources you need, when you need them.

Scenario 3: Empower school communication and collaboration (Read more)

Chapter 1 Collaborate in real time with document co-authoring
Learn how teams can collaborate in real time and get more done with fewer barriers using document co-authoring.
Chapter 2 Tell a better story
Learn how to encourage more meaningful engagement with content, through the multimedia possibilities of Sway.
Chapter 3 Stay connected in the new digital world
Learn how to cut out travel time and instead, simply connect—with parents, students, colleagues, and staff without anyone having to leave their space.
Chapter 4 Back-to-school: work like a team this year
Watch this webinar to learn about Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace ideal for streamlining processes, compiling resources, and accelerating and enriching the learning environment.