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Discover what Visio can help you do

Come find out how Visio can make your life simpler and save you time with quicker ways to create professional-looking diagrams. This webcast is beneficial for anyone who uses or would like to learn the new features of Visio 2016, including those working in IT, HR, Facility Management, Operations, Project Management, Business Analysis, and Information Management. Learn how to take advantage of all of the productivity features inside Visio 2016.

Join this webcast to learn how to:

  • Use features like quick shapes, import, change shape gallery, and co-authoring
  • Explore new styles, themes, and formatting effects to visualize your data
  • Share your diagrams across the enterprise utilizing SharePoint and Visio services

This webcast is part of the Envision what you can do with Visio series. See more episodes here.

Matthew Roderman has over 23 years of software industry experience. He has worked for Microsoft, Visio, Autodesk, and Softdesk where he learned CAD for the Architectural and Civil Engineering industry. In 2009, Matt founded Tips & Techniques LLC which connects software users with the most knowledgeable software specialists to solve problems, spark creativity, and increase efficiency.  

Matthew Roderman

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