Supporting your firstline workers


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Supporting your firstline workers

15 May 2020 10:30am - 11:30am

The employee experience is the battleground for productivity. Today’s employees increasingly want the convenient experiences they have outside of work to be replicated on the job. Microsoft Teams brings together everything your firstline workers need to communicate effectively, collaborate efficiently, and work with confidence. You can now train workers remotely as you would in person. What’s more, the Shifts app in Microsoft Teams enables you to manage your employees’ schedules effectively when demands are in constant flux and track attendance to ensure their safety.

Join Alan Dias in this session to successfully deploy Microsoft Teams for your frontline workers. Learn how to communicate and collaborate effectively with teams. Protect your data, manage all features, and meet compliance requirements. Plan schedules in an employee self-service and integrated experience.

During this class, we’ll share how to:
  • Empower employees to be more productive and collaborative
  • Gather data, align tasks and improve process management
  • Enable employees to plan schedules efficiently
  • Allow employees to work hands-free
  • Provide employees with quick access to important tasks