GDPR e-books and webinars to support your journey to compliance
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GDPR and compliance e-books

Microsoft's Journey to compliance and key lessons learned

Microsoft has been investing to be compliant across its entire business for nearly two years leading up to this date, building upon this foundation and history of our commitment to privacy. This e-book addresses our own journey to GDPR compliance. We share our approach to global regulations and standards like the GDPR, what we've been doing to drive compliance within Microsoft, and key lessons we've learned along the way.

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Are you confident you can tackle GDPR in your industry?

GDPR isn’t an issue that is confined to a specific industry or sector: it will affect every business that handles data in Europe. In this guide, we’ll discuss the common data processing footfalls for key industries and offer some insight into how you can work towards reaching compliancy.

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GDPR & compliance webinars – on demand

Introducing Compliance Manager: On-going risk assessment, actionable insights and simplified compliance

The sheer amount of regulation, how fast it changes, and the need to show you comply with it are all challenges for companies. It’s complex and time-consuming. In this webinar you’ll learn how Compliance Manager can: Cut the level of human involvement in getting compliant | See how you’re complying, regulation by regulation |Streamline the steps to compliance | Get audit-ready reports.

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Create protection that travels with your data: Classify. Label. Comply.

You may have systems in place to protect data on your premises or cloud systems. But when information leaves your corporate boundaries, what then? In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can: Set rules to protect sensitive content | Label data to control who can see it and how | Encrypt data to prevent the wrong people from seeing it | Create external sharing policies with people or organisations.

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Take technical and organisational measures to protect data: Confidentiality. Integrity. Availability.

You know the value of protecting personal data. But now GDPR has raised the stakes, what measures can you take to meet its requirements? In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can: Use multifactor identification | Implement conditional access policies | Manage and monitor activity | Create on-demand, time-limited privileged access.

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Develop automatic data retention policies: Intelligent. Automated. Compliant.

Organisations have more data than ever before. But unless they take the right approach, they can end up keeping everything. In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can: Label sensitive information | Make sure data goes through a review before being discarded | Create and action policies | Automate policies so they’re applied across all relevant content.

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Tackling the GDPR in retail - capture customer consent every time

With GDPR retailers need to give customers the choice to opt-in or out of emails, calls and other marketing to gain their trust and enhance how you engage with them: Create automated, intelligent and fair consent platforms using cloud-based tools | Control access to data with tools such as Office 365 security and Azure Information Protection (AIP) | Track data with the right analytic tools.

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Tackling the GDPR in central government - discover better ways to secure citizens’ data

With GDPR citizens will get – and expect – more control over their data. Fail to give it to them and you could face a loss of trust. The answer is to improve your data processes and your people’s understanding of them. In this webinar, we give you clear ways to: Control who accesses and manages data | Track and audit data (and how it’s used) | Set mobile security controls | Securely share data.

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Tackling the GDPR in local government - discover better ways to handle private data

Local councils handle sensitive data on a daily basis. Subject access requests, meeting notes, shared files. Every process needs to comply with regulations, including the GDPR. The answer is to use reliable digital tools to stop data falling into the wrong hands. In this webinar, you’ll get clear ways to: Manage who can see or access data | Classify and control data with machine learning | Track where data is and how it’s being used.

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